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ODHMA Newsletter August 2014

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                                                                          Oklahoma Draft Horse & Mule Association

                                                                                                             August 2014                                                                              

David Blackburn, President 

240 S Neighbor Ln

Atoka, OK 74525



Jason Turner, Vice President

7339 S. 437

Locust Grove, OK, 74352


Sula Robertson, Secretary

6366 S. 437

Locust Grove, OK 74352



Evelyn Hiskett, Reporter

2201 E. 109th N.

Valley Center, KS 67147


Youth Representative/Queens

Jaylynn Turner & Mariah Akright – ODHMA Youth Representatives


Greetings my ODHMA friends,

Welcome to the August 2014 ODHMA newsletter - assembled at the Hiskett hacienda in the unrecognized far, far northern reaches of Oklahoma. Hope you all are having a fun filled, safe summer. I am slowly healing..not yet on two feet unassisted, but hopefully very soon. I have painfully discovered that broken tibias are no fun and do not recommend trying it to anyone if you are bored. So, very sad for me to say…no Hiskett horses at the KS or OK fairs this year.  My wonderful horse Nessie is 21 this year and deserves to retire (along with Warren) – so, she will be spending this fair season in the pasture under the shade trees by the pond, grazing happily. Our people plans are to be at the fairs horseless but, want to be there to support all of our great members showing that are putting out all the time, sweat and effort in making the fairs at OK City, Tulsa and of KS happen. We are always tickled when our Oklahoma friends take that drive north and compete in the Kansas fair that Warren and his “minions” put together. Tom Peterson is putting everything together for the Tulsa fair again this year. They are shaping up to be great shows, lots of good competition and of course social times. More on both of these fairs later in this letter.

Right up front, a big thanks to Sula Robertson for sending info on the 2014 ODHMA driving clinic and the Sycamore Springs fun show. Oh and pics…lots of pics. (now, if you are getting this letter by e-mail – you can see all the great pics in Kodak color! More about how you can see letter in color by e-mail this in the letter).

Time to take a cool, summer break and read about some of the events of the past couple months. With that said my friends – read on and enjoy.

*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************I am all about conservation (be green!) save…time, effort and money. In order to save money for the association – If you have not already signed up to get our letter by e-mail..please do so now. Not only does it save our club money on copying, labels and postage but, you will get all the spectacular, awesome photographs in live, vivid color! This makes them so much cooler to look at. E-mail me now ( eclyde53@hotmail.com ) and let me know you want the letter by e-mail…then I can copy and paste you into my address book and magic! It’s done. Save money… save wear-n-tear on my old fingers, save a tree by not using so much paper, easy to save on your computer for future reference, get pictures in color and you can zoom the pics too. What a deal! All good reason to sign up. E-mail me soon. Thank you


CALENDAR - ( ** represents ODHMA sponsored events)

Aug 23 – Stillwater, OK, Oklahoma harness association show. Contact Becky Benjamin for details. 918-283-0242. Good time fun show. Stalls available, cart class, obstacle lots more.

Sept 5th & 6th – Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, KS. Schedule on line at kansasstatefair.com. Please do not use on line entry..(doesn’t work). Contact Warren or Evelyn Hiskett at eclyde53@hotmail.com or 316-755-2071. We will answer questions and send you paper copies for entry. Entry deadline August 15th.

Sept - Oklahoma City Fair. Oklahoma City, OK

**Oct 3rd & 4th – Tulsa State Fair, Tulsa, OK. Online schedule and entry available. Contact Tom Peterson for details. Deadline August 25th.

Oct 11th – Dean Dean Days, Spaulding, OK

Oct 20th & 21st – Oklahoma City Fair, Long Ear Classic

Oct 24, 25 & 26th – Stillwater Combined Driving Event. Stillwater, OK fair grounds. Contact Becky Benjamin 918-283-0242.

Nov -

Dec – Christmas parades and holiday festivities.


 We sold some visors, we sold some hats, and we sold some liability signs at the driving clinic. We still have plenty left for anyone interested. We’ll have them at the Tulsa Fair Hospitality Booth and at our meeting in January. Sales for these items totaled $275.00 and that amount has been deposited in to our account.

Thinking... about 2015-- the Drive Into Spring Show April 2015

We are asking for your support for the Spring 2015 Sycamore Springs Driving Show. This driving show would be open to all breeds and sizes of horses and mules and be held sometime in April 2015 at the Sycamore Springs Ranch just south of Locust Grove, OK. The facilities are the best around and the ranch was very accommodating to us. It was a successful venture and we feel it should be held again. We have even been asked to have a fall show, too. We are asking for your “YES” vote at our annual meeting in January. Information about the show results were in the last newsletter.

Sula Robertson & Robin Johnson, Drive Into Spring Show Committee


Oklahoma Draft Horse & Mule Association Driving Clinic 2014


We did it again! 13 years in a row! And, we had a fantastic turnout of participants and volunteers! Thank You ODHMA.

“I’m more excited than a kid with a new BB gun!” was just one of the many comments we had about our ODHMA Free driving Clinic. We met many enthusiastic draft-horse-lovin’ people who positively loved this event. Also, we know we have opened the door to the driving world when we get comments like, “Just wanted to thank you for the driving class today; it gave us an idea of what this harness thing is all about and it opened the door to move further into the sport. “ So, ODHMA, let’s plan to do it again in 2015.



The winds of change—they are a comin’ in January of 2015. Time for new blood, new ideas, new faces in some positions of our grand ODHMA. Winter ODHMA meeting!

Looking for a new ODHMA secretary!

Thank you ODHMA for giving me the opportunity to be your assoc. secretary for the last 10 years. I have had lots of fun getting acquainted with you and I’ve always been very happy to help where ever I can. I just wanted you to know that I am not running for secretary for 2015. So, please be thinking of someone who would serve as secretary for this great organization. Or, maybe, you are reading this note and want to volunteer your services. Skills needed could include: computer knowledge, big smiles, available for meetings, love of draft horses and mules, ability to ask others for help, and enthusiastic horse/mule people greetings. Be thinking about this position and be ready to vote on your new secretary in January.

Sula Robertson

Looking for a new ODHMA newsletter editor January 2015! (a little less important than secretary position so I put it in smaller type).

It has been a good ride as editor of this terrific association’s newsletter for the past many years….but, the time has come for this editor to step down, ride a different horse and let a new exciting editor put words to paper for our club. It has been a fine pleasure to have the association’s vote every year for me to be your town crier and I thank you all. The editor job is for anyone who supports our club and critters and can shout out their greatness. Someone who wants to spread the word and pics about our critters, club and club events this is your spot. Got the gift of gab, also love and enthusiasm for draft horses and mules…this job is custom made for you! Just a heads up… I will not be accepting nomination for newsletter editor in 2015, so members…step on up and let’s give our ODHMA new words in our letter. Thank you. Evelyn Hiskett


FOR SALE AND TRADE CORRAL- (adds will remain for 1 letter only – need to let me know if it needs to stay in the next letter)

 For Sale:Pioneer Forecart – top of the line training, pleasure or parade cart. This is a heavy duty cart with draft size shafts, crank that levels shafts to fit horses 15 to 18 hands, hydraulic brakes, adjustable seat to balance cart, and is just over 1 yr old. Perfect condition. Pretty firm price $3,300. You won’t find one like this within 1000 miles! Call Sula 918-479-5463. “I’ve trained my horses, now it’s your turn”.


Reminder: Dues are $20 for a single and $30 for a family membership. Send to Sula Robertson – address as top of newsletter.


August 23rd, Stilwater, OK fairgrounds. Oklahoma harness association show. Contact Becky Benjamin for details. 918-283-0242. Driving Show!! Driving and obstacle course classes for ponies all the way to drafts. Great time, lots of competition. Stalls available (contact Becky a head of time). Sign up at the show. More information on their website. www.oklaharnesshorse.com. Don’t wait, plan on competing now.



Greeting to fellow Draft Horse owners and enthusiasts – Tulsa Draft Show Superintendant- Tom Peterson

It is hard to believe that we are already into August and the Tulsa State Fair is just around the corner. This year's Draft Horse show is bigger, better and we hope to return to all the exciting classes that we have had in the past with classes for both the professional exhibitors and the local horse and mule owners. Again we have an excellent judge this year who has been showing draft horses for many years. Also a big change this year is the day and time that the horses are being allowed into the horse barns. In the past this was a matter of contention and the fair has moved other event in order to allow significantly more time for move in. For those that have not been to the Tulsa facility, It is a first class facility with excellent stalls and excellent show facilities. We have even increased the prize monies this year especially on the multiple hitch events and the entry fees are quite reasonable. The Oklahoma Draft Horse and Mule Association also provides a hospitality booth for all members and entrants

The Show is October 3rd and 4th. Move in can begin on October 2nd at Noon,

The deadline for entries is August 25th to avoid late fees and this non-negotiable as we found out last year.

The links below will take you to both the Horse show handbook and the entry forms. Please call me with any questions. Let's make this the best show ever.


I am again looking for volunteers for this year as a ringman, announcer, gate attendants, scribe, show assistants with setting up obstacles etc. a barn manager to help assign stalls and a hospitality chairperson. If you can help with this year's show, please let me know. Thank you. Tom


Tom Peterson

Director of Dietary and Retail Operations

Hillcrest Medical Center

1120 S. Utica Avenue

Tulsa, OK. 74104




Entry deadline August 15th.

Kansas State Fair - September 6 &7.(Friday and Saturday) Hutchinson, KS. Riding, pleasure driving, hitch classes (up to 6 horse) log pull, riding and driving obstacle courses (they are always fun and challenging), halter classes and feed team races. We have a good ol’ time with lots of competition. Pizza party for exhibitors Friday night after the show. For info contact Warren Hiskett, 316-755-2071. (online entries do not work, so please do not use them) Warren will send you information to fill out and mail in. Deadline must be postmarked by August 15th for fair to receive entry.


The ODHMA ad in the Draft Horse Journal. We are well represented. Thanks for all of the supporter/advertisers.



Hey all you ODHMA members – got anything for sale, trade or give away that is horse related??? Well, e-mail it to me..will be very glad to put it in our widely read letter.


Well, it’s been another good old time gathering around the ODHMA newsletter campfire with old and new friends. Hope it was entertaining, informative and enjoyed by all. Hope to see many of you at the upcoming fairs and events, will be great to spend time together. Have a great summer, watch out for those tricky hay stacks, they attach when you least expect it. I speak from experience.  Time to bed this letter down for the night…brushed, watered, hay, all tucked in till the next time we meet.

Take care my ODHMA friends.