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Winter 2012/2013 Newsletter

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                                                                          Oklahoma Draft Horse & Mule Association

                                                                                                             November 2013


David Blackburn, President 

240 S Neighbor Ln

Atoka, OK 74525



Jason Turner, Vice President

7339 S. 437

Locust Grove, OK, 74352


Sula Robertson, Secretary

6366 S. 437

Locust Grove, OK 74352



Evelyn Hiskett, Reporter

2201 E. 109th N.

Valley Center, KS 67147



Sarah Peterson

 ODHMA Youth Rep/ Queen

Web Site:



Greetings ODHMA friends,

Well, my boot wearin’, ice crackin’, critter feeding friends.. another year is drawing to a close. The holiday season is upon us with all the Christmas parades, festivities and holiday cheer. I hope this post finds you all happy, healthy and in good spirits. I have, in front of me, the last ODHMA letter for 2013. On January 11, 2014 we all will be gathering outside of Yukon Oklahoma, at the Express Ranch Sale barn for our yearly meeting. (Lunch provided by the club and starts at 11am, meeting to start at noon with a breath taking fund raising auction). Once there, we all should raise our hands and voices to help support our association and set this year’s event plans. Mark your calendar…be there…it takes lots of village members to make this association as great as it is. And our association is the BEST! You will be voting for people to guide our club on its 2014 journey. This is really important…..we need lots of shining faces there to speak up, step up and join in the decision making and fill positions of our leadership. Clear your calendars, make time, make the drive, share your thoughts and help the ODHMA to grow and continue to share our awesome animals and awesome members with the great state of Oklahoma. Don’t forget to bring lots of neat stuff to auction and bring your checkbook too. This is our huge fund raising auction to support our events. Sell, bid and buy… that is the way this auction thing works, don’t ya know. Maybe it’s time to join the leadership team. Newsletter editor? Our membership deserves new thoughts, new ideas and new words to read.

We had many fun activities this year – our free July driving clinic was a huge success..heat, sweat, dirt, horses, old friends and new friends too. Oklahoma City fair, Tulsa fair and yes the Kansas State fair that had several Oklahoma members that attended. Our members won lots of prize money too, not to mention had lots of fun at each show. There were play days, trail rides, fun shows and more. A great time was had at each event…again food, horses and friends. What a great combination.

Time to ease on back in that cushy chair, feet up and enjoy my friends.


From the desk of Tom Peterson (2013 Tulsa Fair Draft/Mule show organizer)

I would like to thank all the participants, volunteers, help and staff of the Tulsa State Fair for the outstanding show that we had. Although our turn out was small compared to previous years, (and I understand the frustration that folks had in the past) this year the fair did an outstanding job of meeting every request that we had and frankly exceed our expectations. The only issue that came up from our members was the fair web site which some considered difficult but when you figure that every entry (horses, cattle, sheep, etc) had to use the same web site, we really could not say too much. Our judge, Allen Scheneckloth from Davenport Iowa was very impressed with the facilities.

On a personal note, I was disappointed with our club turnout and hope that if the club would like to sponsor the show next year that we support it. I have already mentioned that I would be pleased to manage the show again next year and will work with membership to reopen classes for the teams and larger hitches to participate. I have to say a big thank you to Sula and Doug Robertson, Ginny Rierson, Bruce and Becky Benjamin, Perri Burnett, Jason Turner and family and Kara Eschbach and Brandi Herndon of the Tulsa State Fair for all the help, support and encouragement to make this an even bigger show. By the way, we had an excellent crowd each day.

Here's the Tulsa State Fair draft/mule show placings:

Halter mare: 1st and Grand Ch. - Angela Morse/ Belltowers Bonnie

Halter gelding: 1st and Grand – Ginny/ Angus

2nd and Res. -Justin Turner/Brock

Donkey halter: 1st - Sherri Pledger/Jardot's Sissy

2nd - Sherri Pledger/Rhythm

Draft showmanship: Justin Turner/Brock

Donkey shormanship: Tristin Walters/ Jardot's Sissy

Ladies' Cart: 1st: Ginny/Angus

2nd - Angela Morse/Bonnie

3rd - Sula/Hemi

Donkey Ladies' Cart: Sherri P/Rhythm

Log Skid: 1st- Sula/Hemi

2nd - Walter Brashears/Hugo

Pleasure Driving: 1st -Robin Johnson/Amos

2nd - Ginny/Angus

3rd - Jayleen/Taffy

4th - Walter/Hugo 5th - Sherri/Rhythm

Jr. Cart: - 1st - Justin/Brock

Cart Obstacle: 1st - Ginny/Angus

2nd - Ryan/Taffy

3rd - Walter/Hugo

4th - Sula/Hemi

5th - Robin/Amos

6th - Sherri/Rhythm

7th - Justin/Brock

Ride-a-draft: 1st - Jayleen/Taffy

2nd - Rachael Polson/Amos

3rd - Sula/Hemi

Western Pleasure: 1st - Angela Morse/Bonnie

2nd - Sherri/Rhythm

3rd - Pam Bennett/Jardot's Sissy

Costume: 1st - Tristin Walters/Sissy

2nd - Robin/Amos

3rd - Sula/Hemi

4th - Angela/Bonnie

5th - Rhett/Taffy

6th - Justin/Brock

Also, a BIG Thank You to all of those who volunteered their time; Bruce & Becky Benjamin, Margaret Firey, Perri Burnett, Jason Turner, Ginny Rierson and Tom Peterson as well as other ODHMA members.



The following ODHMA members placed first in the classes shown and also placed in several other classes. Congratulations to all!

Draft Horse Geldings, 5 & Older

KBH Jessie, owner Kelly A Hughes Fort Smith, AR

Clydesdale Stallions, 3 Yrs & Older

Somewhere Doc's Blackun Deck, owner Janet Schwindaman Goddard, KS

Clydesdale Current Year Fillies & Champion/ Reserve Champion Clydesdale Jr Fillies

Jillian, shown by Patrick Schwindaman and owned by Janet Schwindaman Goddard, KS

Clydesdale Broodmares 4 & Older

Boulder Bluff Paige, shown by Patrick Schwindaman & owned by Janet Schwindaman Goddard, KS

Draft: Ride A Draft Western

KBH Jessie, shown by Briana Hughes & owned by Kelly A Hughes, Fort Smith, AR



# Exhibitor- Horse Name -Owner Name

Riding, Obstacle 12 Entries

3 Jayleen Robertson- Taffy- Jayleen Robertson

5 Evelyn Hiskett-- Lady of Loch Ness- Warren & Evelyn Hiskett

6 Candy Braksick --Griff -Candace Braksick

9 Sula Robertson- Hemi -Sula Robertson

Log Obstacle 11 Entries

1 Lawrence Adams- Bill & Bud- Lawrence Adams

5 Sula Robertson- Hemi Sula- Robertson

Youth Showmanship 10 Entries

1 Michalya Puetz- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

2 Maddie Puetz- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

3 Jacob Pote- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

5 Amy Robins- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

Gelding 10 Entries

Karl Ade- Sammy- Lawrence Adams

Lawrence Adams- Gus- Lawrence Adams

Tiffany Imke- Scout- Lawrence Adams

Filly Foal 4 Entries

1 Hannah Constance- C3 Jillian- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

2 Pat Schwindaman- Glencoe Sweet Praise- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

3 Yr Old Mare 1 Entry

Pat Schwindaman- Shady Maple's Peggi-Ann- Express Clydesdales

4 Yr & Older Mare 10 Entries

1 Hannah Constance- Sister's View Candi- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

4 Pat Schwindaman- Dixie- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

Grand Champion Mare

Hannah Constance- Sister's View- Candi Scott & Janet Schwindaman

Reserve Grand Champion Mare

Pat Schwindaman- Shady Maple's Peggi-Ann- Express Clydesdales

3 Yr & Older Stallion

1 Pat Schwindaman- Somewhere Doc's Black un Decker- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

Grand Champion Stallion

Pat Schwindaman- Somewhere Doc's Black un Decker- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

Reserve Grand Champion Stallion

Ladies Cart 11 Entries

3 Erin Jeffress- Sister's View Candi- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

5 Janet Schwindaman- Boulder Bluff Paige- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

Tiffany Imke -Sammy -Lawrence Adams

Sula Robertson- 2S Explorer's Mister Hemingway- Sula Robertson

Riding, Saddled-Walk/Trot 8 Entries

1 Sula Robertson- 2S Explorer's Mister Hemingway- Sula Robertson

5 Jayleen Robertson -Taffy- Jayleen Robertson

Margaret Dick -Grace -Candace Braksick

Show Team 8 Entries

2 Lawrence Adams Sammy & Gus- Lawrence Adams

Cowskin Creek Clydesdales- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

Riding, Saddled-Walk/Trot/Canter 6 Entries

Candy Braksick- Griff- Candace Braksick

Unicorn Hitch 4 Entries

2 Cowskin Creek Clydesdales Scott & Janet Schwindaman

3 Lawrence Adams- Sammy, Gus & Ben Lawrence Adams

Riding, No Saddles 9 Entries

Brenna Hiskett -Lady of Loch Ness- Warren & Evelyn Hiskett

Margaret Dick- Grace- Candace Braksick

Farm Team 10 Entries

2 Lawrence Adams -Bill & Bud- Lawrence Adams

4-Horse Hitch 4 Entries

2 Cowskin Creek Clydesdales- Scott & Janet Schwindaman

3 Lawrence Adams -Sammy, Gus, Scout & Ben- Lawrence Adams

Pleasure Driving, Single 10 Entries

1 Teresa Rupke- Erastus Tim's Karma- Teresa Rupke

2 Candy Braksick -Grace- Candace Braksick

3 Jayleen Robertson- Taffy- Jayleen Robertson

6-Horse Hitch 2 Entries

2 Cowskin Creek Clydesdales Scott & Janet Schwindaman

Cart Obstacle 16 Entries

1 Lawrence Adams- Bill OR Bud- Lawrence Adams

3 Ryan Robertson- Taffy -Jayleen Robertson

4 Evelyn Hiskett- Lady of Loch Ness- Warren & Evelyn Hiskett

6 Sula Robertson- Hemi- Sula Robertson

Candy Braksick- Grace- Candace Braksick

Teresa Rupke-- Erastus Tim's Karma Teresa Rupke

Team Obstacle 13 Entries

2 Lawrence Adams- Bill & Bud- Lawrence Adams

Men's Feed Team 13 Entries

1 Lawrence Adams- Bill & Bud- Lawrence Adams



*Jan 11, 2014 - ODHMA Annual Meeting, Express Ranch, Yukon, OK at the sale barn – lunch at 11, provided by ODHMA Association,meeting at 12, fund raising auction to follow. Bring items to sell and open ye old checkbook to support our club.



For Sale: Wagonette --sits five plus the driver, Canadian made, good condition, tongue and double tree only, black and burgundy $2000 firm; one drafthorse work harness with headstall, 6" bar bit, and 26" collar, heavy duty nylon for easy clean up, good condition $300; two draft horse western bridles, leather with 6" snaffle bits, $25 each; One English bridle,beta with 6" snaffle bit, draft horse size $40; one draft horse quilted blanket 100 " $25 . Ginny Rierson 918-5204667 0r e-mail 7gablesclydes@gmail.com


For Sale:Pioneer Forecart – top of the line training, pleasure or parade cart. This is a heavy duty cart with draft size shafts, crank that levels shafts to fit horses 15 to 18 hands, hydraulic brakes, adjustable seat to balance cart, and is just over 1 yr old. Perfect condition. Pretty firm price $3,300. You won’t find one like this within 1000 miles! Call Sula 918-479-5463. “I’ve trained my horses, now it’s your turn”.

Also for FOR SALE in the ODHMA driving clinic for years, and has been in parades. He drives single, team, or tandem. Besides being a great driving horse he is broke to ride bareback and saddled. The cart is a Troyer show cart with Chrome package that has had limited use. It comes with a vinyl cover, too. With this setup you are ready to show at the Tulsa Fair! Contact Ryan Robertson 9185308542 or [rdr_jar@hotmail.com] .

 For sale: (pic below) 2005 C & C, 7' wide x 7 1/2' tall x 30' long. Side and rear ramp, four-horse head-to-head, all dividers can be taken out so it's wide open inside or you can turn the dividers sideways and have three box stalls. Vents and fans for every horse, 50-gallon water tank, electric jack, five-foot dressing room with walk-through door to horse compartment. $25,000


My little clock on the wall is ticking its way to 2 AM…time to wrap this baby up. Hope to see you all at the fun filled, food provided ODHMA winter meeting, January 11th 2014. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful Christmas holiday with good health & joy with friends and family. Throw in a horse or two, a dog and maybe a kitten and you have a perfect Christmas package.

Be safe, be kind to one another and thanks for being part of our ODHMA membership.

Writing off into the dark, still, really cold, early morning hours,